Friday, October 31, 2014

Belphegor Laughs - Short Story

Apex Magazine announced the winners of their Steal the Spotlight Micro Fiction Contest. Congrats to those who won. Unfortunately, my entry Belphegor Laughs did not win.

Belphegor Laughs

Deep inside the abyss, Belphegor waits for another innocent to arrive; his putrid soul craving another feast. Famished, he wonders through the dark fissure knowing that the Lord of Light will not forsake him. He knew that soon, he would again be dining on divine flesh. Little did he realize his desire was to become a reality, that a pure soul was about to enter his sanctuary.

Lonely Clement had no idea this dreary Tuesday could be his last. Alone, he ventured into the forest behind his house; a trip he had made a thousand times before. Yet, today something was different. The air was heavy, with an eerie fog shrouding this autumn afternoon. Suddenly, from nowhere, a strange chill overtook him as he closed in on the shadowy cave; someone or something was watching him.

“Hello,” Clement said, “whose there?” Silence echoed through the dismal chamber. It’s no one. This must be my imagination, he thought.Crack, something fell behind him, he was not alone. Clement shrieked! His spinal column shuttered as the colossal beast approached; his life flashing before his eyes. Trepidation overwhelms, as his emotions feed his terror. Death nears.

Belphegor opens his mouth, Clement frozen with fear. His heart palpitations grow faster, tears fall. In a flash, beauty appears. Inside the bright gateway he stands tall as the fiend closes. His ominous teeth salivating, razors protrude, his mouth widens; finally, a delectable banquet. Crunch! Agony engulfs Clements’ reality and Belphegor laughs; his cravings fulfilled.

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