Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Birthday Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe - Enigmas (A Poem)

If you have read my blog, you would understand that Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite authors and one of the biggest influences on me as a writer. I love his works, and the way he always was able to take the reader on a journey. He was truly ahead of his time and an artist that was taken too soon. This is something I wrote tonight on the eve of his birthday as I thought about Poe, and what he and his works have meant to me through the years. 


I stand quietly upon the land,
The vast countenance of oblivion staring into my depths,
Lucid stairways alive at last;
And illicit secrecies surround the silent enigmas once held dear,
Blind but I can see,
Dead but I can breathe,
A final frontier of all that was,
A dismal remnant of what will be,
Random elements twist through the darkness,
Creating life from the impossible,
A lone specimen from the mind of the master,
Edgar whispered; he lost his cat…
…Is it here?

Is this hollow existence merely a dream?
A spectral theory rising from a demonic abyss,
Is anyone here?
Can anyone hear me?
No, just the nothingness of decay shrouded by exile,
Trapped by a forgotten paradox once held as truth,
Am I alive?
Or, am dead?
I can feel every sensation, but cannot touch the frigid memories,
Paralyzed inside this void; no one answers my call,
Failed experiments cloud my vision; my secrets remain unseen,
Another string is strung…
… And the cat cries from the wall.

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