Pinnochio's Revenge (1996)

Vampires and zombies, it seems as if that is all I have been watching lately as I attempt to make it through and review the entire Undead collection. That had to change though; I just could not take it any more this week. That’s when I found Pinocchio's Revenge on FearNet onDemand. This 1996 film definitely sticks with the undead theme, but takes it in a very different direction.

Plot/ An accused child murderer has been arrested five years ago, his lawyer, believes he's innocent as he may think that the Pinocchio puppet he made for his son told him to kill other children. She could not stop his execution in time, however she accidentally brings home with her the Pinocchio doll from the office, her daughter is having a birthday party as she mistakes it as a gift. The next few days she seems to act strange as she begins to develop a relationship with the puppet as bizarre accidents occur. Her mother begins to become concerned about her, and begins to seek out what is behind these accidents. As she is seeking the answer, both her boyfriend and nanny are killed. It concludes with a struggle between the lawyer and Pinocchio, who is revealed to actually be her daughter.

Going into the film, I had no idea what to expect and actually expected the worst. However, what I found was a very entertaining low budget movie. The script is sound and actually quite clever, the acting was above average and the plot is well thought out and executed. While I would view this as more of a thriller than horror film, the mystery that takes place at the core of the film is well done and while I had a good idea of who was killing people, I was not certain until the end!

In the end, the movie may be full of cliché’s and lack in blood and gore, but the good points definitely outweigh the bad, making this a very interesting killer doll film. It may not be Childs Play or have Chucky, but if you give Pinocchio a chance, I think you will find it worth watching!

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  1. So glad to have found your blog! I like the way your mind works. I'm definitely giving this one a look-see. Dolls freak me out as it is and "Dead Silence" and "Tourist Trap" were wickedly awesome ones, but this looks very disturbing so, of course, I'm going to enjoy it! Thanks for finding something I hadn't heard of. How refreshing!


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