Sunday, December 15, 2013

Night of the Naked Dead (2013)

Having just returned home from the PIA Christmas Party, I decided to catch up on the flick from last night. The party was awesome, and more importantly, it will change the way I view movies moving forward, as I won the grand door prize, a 50 inch 3D television system. I cannot wait to set it up. Catching up on my reviews, last night’s film was the 2013 no-budget supernatural entry, Night of the Naked Dead.

Plot/  A storm from hell . . . Mysterious strangers . . . Who come with secrets.  Emma is a struggling romance writer and David is a traumatized war veteran wrestling with his past and sleeping in his van. Together they will face a menace more evil and terrifying than anything in their wildest dreams.

If you read my blog, you understand my affinity for no-budget indie horror and this one from Brain Damage Films, definitely falls into that category (especially some of the cheesy CGI). True to form, it suffers from some uneven acting, some giant plot holes, and a lack of atmosphere. However, there is some potential here in the incoherent storylines that make it somewhat interesting. Sure, it was not what I was expecting, but it had an overall weirdness that was not as clich├ęd as one would expect. Of course, it is not a technical masterpiece and the cinematography / direction could have been tighter, but I have seen worse. In the end, this supernatural mystery is definitely different than what one would expect from the title and it does have some warts, but, there is some potential in it (too bad it never reaches that level). If you are a no-budget indie fan like me, give it a shot. If you aren’t, stay away.   

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