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Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

I know, I got rolling with the blog and then drifted off. I didn’t mean to, but I was in the middle of finishing up a contract for some radio-drama’s and needed to focus on those. While I was working though, I was able to watch a few flicks. One of those was the 2017 sci-fi entry Blade Runner 2049.

Plot/ A young blade runner's discovery of a long-buried secret leads him to track down former blade runner Rick Deckard, who's been missing for thirty years.

As a fan of the original Blade Runner, I decided to stay away from this one for a while. Unfortunately, I discovered that was a huge mistake and should have embraced this film from the start. Even as a long movie, this one pulled me in and made me want to watch and see what happened throughout the layered story line. At the same time, I could see why there were some complaints, as it was not quite the action film the trailer popularized, and some could find it a bit slow. For me, the outstanding cinematography provided the per…

They Came From Beyond Space (1967)

Low budget Sci-Fi movies are often hard to judge by their cases, and this one we exception. Full of the typical schlock expected in the genre, this one does feature some interesting aspects. What is it? It is the 1967 Sci-Fi flick They Came from Beyond Space

Plot/ Scientists investigating an unusual meteor shower in a rural field are possessed by an alien force bent on an ulterior purpose.

From Amicus Productions, this Sci-Fi gem spans the spectrum, from good to bad. Known mostly for their horror anthologies, this entry shows that the company was more than that. While it is not a great movie by any means, it is also nowhere near as bad as it could have been. This one has an entertaining and interesting storyline, some outstanding cinematography (as usual) and some decent performances (not great) and effects. Yes, the score is a touch annoying and the costuming is laughable, but those add to the schlock value after all these years. In the end, this may not be the best movie of the ge…

Parasite (1982)

Okay, so I had to take a few days away with the Halloween Parade and finishing my final script for the radio-drama that I had been contracted to do. Although I was busy, I did have some time to get some movie viewing in. Next up on the docket is the 1982 schlockfest Parasite.

Plot/ Paul Dean has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles, must find a way to destroy it while also trying to avoid Ricus, his rednecks, and an evil government Merchant.

While no one will ever mistake this Charles Band movie for something great, it is one of his better entries, and one that I will admit seems to have gotten a little better with age. This schlockfest has everything one would expect from this era; splatter, gore, lasers, and a post-apocalyptic storyline that is all over the place. Straight from the age of big box horror, this entry does have some solid cinematography, over-the-top (yet bad and cheesy) effects, and some interestin…

Cthulhu (2007)

After spending the day Saturday attempting to get some work done and failing miserably, I decided that I wanted to dive into some of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. After a search of my streaming services, I was a bit shocked at the lack of material available from this horror master. After some time, I settled on the 2007 indie entry Cthulhu

Plot/ A Seattle history professor, drawn back to his estranged family on the Oregon coast to execute his late mother's estate, is reacquainted with his best friend from childhood, with whom he has a long-awaited tryst. Caught in an accelerating series of events, he discovers aspects of his father's New Age cult which take on a dangerous and apocalyptic significance. 

When I saw this one streaming on Amazon Prime, I was excited. I was in the perfect mood for some Lovecraft and hoped this would hit the spot. Unfortunately, this one never came together in a way to quench my desire for something from the Cthulhu Mythos. While not terrible, feat…

Nightmare City (1980)

I have really enjoyed getting back into the blogging scene and have found a new enjoyment with watching different facets of the horror genre. Unfortunately, I am not all the way back as many things seem to be the same stuff just repackaged and I am not there yet. One thing that was different was this 1980 entry Nightmare City.

Plot/ An airplane exposed to radiation lands, and blood drinking zombies emerge armed with knives, guns and teeth! They go on a rampage slicing, dicing, and biting their way across the Italian countryside.

Let me ask, is there anything better than low budget Italian horror from the 1980s? Personally, I find it extremely entertaining and always fun. Honestly, you never know what you are going to get. That is the case with this one. Yes, the effects are cheesy, the performances are all over the place, and the plot from the start is unbelievable at best. Really, from the first scene with the aircraft, it is insanity. Sure, the storyline does open some valid questio…

Slender Man (2018)

While I have been watching a lot of movies at the house, I have also seen a few at our local drive-in. Unfortunately, sometimes even the atmosphere at the drive-in cannot save you from a miserable decision. This is definitely the case the Slender Man from 2018.

Plot/ In a small town in Massachusetts, a group of friends, fascinated by the internet lore of the Slender Man, attempt to prove that he doesn't exist - until one of them mysteriously goes missing.

I wanted to venture into the more modern world with this next one and figured this was the best place to start. Having watched this film with the added atmosphere of the drive-in, I had hoped for so much more (being a fan of the source material). Unfortunately, this movie does nothing with the great foundation and takes you on what has become one of the most overused formulas in horror. Yes, there are a few moments where the cinematography and visuals shine, but other than that, there isn’t anything that would make the movie sta…

Scream and Scream Again (1970)

Having spent many evenings working on these radio-drama scripts I have been contracted to do, I have found myself diving into many different genres over the past few weeks and it has been fun. Older movies seem to have such a wider appeal than the typical slasher or paranormal flicks that have overtaken horror and Sci-Fi in recent years. A perfect example of this is this 1970 entry, Scream and Scream Again.

Plot/ A serial killer who drains his victims' blood is on the loose in London; the police follow him to a house owned by an eccentric scientist.

It is funny, for years I thought I had already watched and reviewed this flick. For me, it was a great surprise when I decided to watch this bizarre weirdness. Starring Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing, this movie has everything you need to make a camp classic. It is truly a great mixture of horror, mystery, thriller, and Sci-Fi and most importantly, it was an easy watch considering the number of layers that are woven…

Invaders from Mars (1953)

I know, I know, I haven’t done one of these in what seems like forever (which is true). But, now, after having my batteries recharged, it is time to get back into the swing of things and start coming back into the blogosphere. Fortunately, I haven’t totally ignored my love of horror and Sci-Fi cinema over this absence, and now I have an extremely wide variety of films to choose from as I bring The Ringmaster’s Realm back to life. First up is a classic Sci-Fi tale, the 1953 entry Invaders from Mars.

Plot/ A young boy learns that space aliens are taking over the minds of earthlings.

Being one that had never experienced the original Invaders from Mars, I somewhat expected something close to the horrendous remake from my teens. Fortunately, what I found was something much better and entertaining. The atmosphere is perfect, the storytelling does a great job at capturing your attention form a child’s perspective, and the overarching theme of anti-Communism rings throughout in a way that pl…