Saturday, December 3, 2016

Zeitgeist (2007)

After being somewhat disappointed in Conspiracy of Lies, I needed something to quench my craving for an interesting documentary. After some thought, I decided to revisit one of my favorites (plus informative): 2007s conspiracy themed documentary Zeitgeist.

Plot/ This film gathers information from many sources and puts it together in a way that shows it is possible for people to be manipulated by large institutions, governments and economic powers.

After watching Conspiracy of Lies, I could not shake the need for a solid documentary. That is exactly what this movie is. Zeitgeist is one of the most thought provoking and entertaining documentaries, I have seen, and it does a great job at tying what many see as unrelated topics into a coherent conspiracy driven documentary. There is a lot to like in this one, with solid production values, strong research, and enough material to make the viewer want to dive in and research it one their own. As a fan of conspiracies, I have dug into some if these elements and have come out with some similar beliefs. The 911 section is extremely eye opening and is a section that everyone should watch with an open mind, as there are a tremendous amount of flaws in the official investigation report and there are still major unanswered questions about the attack that opened the door for the 1984 style police state that we now live in. On the downside, there are some moments where the pacing seems a touch off. Plus, there is so much information brought out in this documentary that it is hard to wrap your head around it if you aren’t a semi-informed viewer. For me, I loved it, but it could turn some viewers off. In the end, this movie does a great job of presenting information and challenging the viewer to become more informed about the topics. While some may blow it off as just another set of conspiracies, if you are awake, you know how real the deception is and how important it is for us to get involved and help expose the truth. As President Reagan said, “Ask Questions and Demand Answers!” Check this movie out; it is well worth watching for anyone.

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Conspiracy of Lies: Flight 370 to 911 (2014)

I decided to take a couple more days away from the blog as I continued to try to rid myself of this nagging cold. Fortunately, it seems to be working, as I am finally starting to feel normal. I did watch a few movies though, including the 2014 documentary Conspiracy of Lies: Flight 370 to 911.

Plot/ We have now discovered the NSA can and does spy on every American citizen and we only need the national media to see that many of the New World Order plans are already in place.

I live conspiracy theories and watching documentaries on any and all conspiracies. However, I do not just subscribe to all of the different theories that exist. Of course, I also enjoy when these documentaries are coherent. Even if they are low budget, they can present fact (or theories) in a way that is informative. Unfortunately, this movie is all over the place and never truly presents anything new that is groundbreaking (although, I did like the Ebola portion). In all, there are excessively many topics in this documentary including Flight 370, 911 (Building 7), MK-Ultra, JFK, Roswell, Ebola, and even Reptilians. While all of those subjects can be interesting topics, combining them into one video could never do them justice. In the end, while the narration does make do a decent job laying out the theories, there really is no new evidence to back up the claims that are being portrayed in this documentary and it definitely hurts the overall feel of the film. While it did help pass some time in an evening, it did not leave a lasting impression. Be warned.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Devils's Rain (1975)

After taking a slight break from movies and the blog for a couple days, I decided that it was time to fins something mindless to watch. After searching Shudder, I settled on the 1975 cult flick The Devil’s Rain.

Plot/ A bunch of Satanists in the American rural landscape have terrible powers which enable them to melt their victims. However one of the children of an earlier victim vows to destroy them.

The 1970s were such a different time, especially in movies. One of the biggest movements was the fear of Devil worship that overtook every part of culture from movies, to music, and even gaming. This movie clearly falls into the heart of that movement. Complete with a tremendous cast featuring Ernest Borgnine, Tom Skerritt, Eddie Albert, Ida Lupino, William Shatner, Keenan Wynn, and, even John Travolta. The storyline is interesting although some of it is incoherent (especially the opening sequence), and while the schlock-filled effects do not hold up in any way, watching all of the bodies melt is a fun (and surprising) twist I did not expect. Of course, watching Ernest Borgnine transform to a goat was complete cheese and while interesting, the storyline was a mess, but those flaws only add to the schlock factor. In the end, this is not a technically good movie and there are many flaws, but it is fun. If you are into 1970s B-Movie cheese, give it a shot. It is entertaining and fun.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Ninth Configuration (1980)

With this holiday weekend coming to a close, I decided to kick back and watch some different movies I found on Shudder over the past few days. One of the more interesting ones comes from writer William Peter Blatty, of Exorcist fame. While this one did not deal with demonic possession, it did deal with a disturbing subject matter. That movie is the 1980 cult classic The Ninth Configuration.

Plot/ A new commanding officer arrives at a remote castle serving as an insane asylum for crazy and AWOL U.S. Army soldiers where he attempts to rehabilitate them by allowing them to live out their crazy fantasies while combating his own long-suppressed insanity.

When I saw this one on Shudder, I had no idea what to expect. What I found was extremely different from anything that I could have imagined coming from the mind of Blatty. The Ninth Configuration is a subtle mixture of comedy, horror, and drama that makes for an entertaining evening. Completely different from The Exorcist, this movie offers an interesting and intelligent look at mental illness and creates a narrative that is a valuable tool for understanding. The cast is tremendous, the performances solid, and the storyline offers many different angles into the mindset of the characters. Yes, some of it does feel dated at times, but that is really not a problem, as the overall power of the message comes through clearly. In the end, this is an underrated gem, and a movie that must be seen. Sure, it is not a mindless entry and it will require some thought while viewing but that is perfectly fine with this one. Check it out!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Flatliners (1990)

There are some movies that we take for granted and ignore. This is done for many reasons, but often, it happens because they hold up as solid entries into the cinematic world no matter how long it is since its release. One movie that falls into this category is the 1990 horror/thriller Flatliners.

Plot/ Four Medical students experiment on near death experiences that involve past tragedies until the dark consequences begin to jeopardize their lives.

Flatliners is one of those films that has stood the test of time and created a dark atmosphere that makes it both memorable and entertaining. The movie has a great storyline that is both enlightening and entertaining, something that often is overlooked in the genre. The cast and performances are tremendous within the detailed script that offers both an interesting plot and tuned subplots that draw viewers into the minds of the different characters. On top of that, the setting and cinematography of the film work perfectly with the script making everything flow in a great manner. Yes, the ending does still feel a touch rushed, but that is really the only marked flaw in a finely crafted horror/thriller. In the end, this is a film that is still memorable and shows what a great cast can do with a tremendous script. If you have not seen it, check it out. It is an entertaining and thought provoking film.