Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bigfoot Wars (2014)

Over time, there becomes a time where one realizes that some movies are just for fun. This is especially true when it comes to creature features. This became evident again tonight, as I watched 2014s Bigfoot Wars.

Plot/ A small town becomes the focal point of a brutal clash between man and a legendary beast.

When I saw this one at Family Video the other day, I knew I had to see it. Unfortunately, I also knew that it was probably going to be somewhat uneven, and I was right. Honestly, everything from the overall premise, to the use of some former bigger named actors screamed SyFy Channel original. While the performances were decent and there was some blood, gore, and guts, it was the overall storyline that was the highlight. Yes, the script is somewhat heavy, the use of Boggy Creek (while understandable) is unneeded, and the portrayal of Sasquatch wanders from actual reporting or evidence, but those flaws do little to detract from the overall feel. In the end, this one is a decently entertaining but unrealistic entry into the Bigfoot genre. If you are a fan of the elusive cryptid or SyFy Channel creature features, it is for you! Give it a shot! If not, you may want to find something else.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Midnight Game (2013)

For the past few weeks, I have been waiting on this movie to be returned at Family Video. Evidently, the powers that be decided to keep it out of sight. Fortunately, when I went in last night it was sitting there on the shelf waiting on me to pick it up. That movie (and my next review) is on the 2013 independent flick, The Midnight Game.

Plot/ After playing a pagan ritual on a dare, a group of high school students find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of their worst fears.

When I sat down to watch this, I figured that there would be some cliché moments considering that the premise involved a pagan ritual and teenagers. Unfortunately, I was right. While this one does feature some solid performances with a rather unknown cast, a decent storyline, and some atmosphere, the ending definitely let this one down. In fact, it is the disjointed, almost anti-climactic ending that dropped this flick a few notches (as did the underdeveloped scripting). In the end, this was a somewhat entertaining low budget indie flick that is much better than many entries in this genre. With Halloween right around the corner, this one may provide some late night entertainment. Give it a shot.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Calling (2014)

It was a long day. Two softball games took up all afternoon, and then I had to make it home to finish some homework on the last day of my Art History class. With that finished and the evening winding down, I decided upon the 2014 serial killer thriller, The Calling.

Plot/ Detective Hazel Micallef hasn't had much to worry about in the sleepy town of Fort Dundas until a string of gruesome murders in the surrounding countryside brings her face to face with a serial killer driven by a higher calling.

This was definitely a slowly paced, yet effective serial killer flick. Yes, the pacing will turn some people off, as the storyline ventures into some predictable zones, but has some very strong points and originality. The performances are solid, the characters enjoyable, and the whole atmosphere matches the heavy and dark surroundings of the setting. Sure, having the identity of the killer given so early is a turnoff and some of the religious overtones sit outside the normal interpretations, but those thoughts are actually gaining some momentum if you dive into some of the world religions. In the end, this one is not for everyone, but it is an entertaining thriller that kept me interested. If you have not seen it give it a shot, you may like it.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Found (2012)

Earlier today, I finally finished my last quiz in art history. While it was not the 100 percent that I pulled in the first three, a 96 is not bad. Of course, I believe I know the one I missed and I probably changed it from right to wrong, something that frustrates me on many levels. Now, time to get back to the blog, with a review of the 2012 low budget flick Found.

Plot/ Based on the novel by Todd Rigney, Found centers around Marty, a shy, bullied fifth-grader who takes refuge in horror films... until his life turns into one. After finding a human head in his brother's closet, Marty fears for the safety of his family while making a desperate effort to reconnect with Steve, the big brother whose homicidal cravings threaten to destroy life as Marty knows it

I love finding no-budget indie flicks that surpass all expectations and leave you wanting more. That is exactly what this movie does. This twisted flick works on many levels with great atmosphere, decent acting, plenty of blood, and solid effects. On top of that, it does a great job at exploring many of the issues that plague society in a subtle socially conscious manner, so to draw you in and allow the issues to take hold. Yes, as with all low budget indie flicks there are some problems with sound quality and there are a few moment with technical difficulties, but those do little to bring this movie down. In the end, this coming of age horror flick hits on many levels and is a joy to watch. Sure, it may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy well-done indie horror, you must check it out!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Suspect Zero (2004)

After another busy week with homework, soccer, and softball, it is time to find something interesting to watch. After deciding to pass on the continuation of my Fringe marathon, I decided that I wanted to venture into the darker world of serial killers. My selection for the evening is the 2004 horror/thriller Suspect Zero.

Plot/ A mysterious serial killer is hunting other serial killers - and one FBI agent suspects there may be more to the vigilante than they imagine.

It had been some time since I last watched Suspect Zero, and I will say that time did in a few ways help. This serial killer based thriller does have some good moments, although it is far from great. This one has some decent pacing that works within the premise, an interesting storyline, some solid cinematography, and does boast a perfectly cast Ben Kingsley in a darker role. Unfortunately, the overall cast does lack chemistry, and the scripting is uneven, both flaws that help bring the overall feel down. In the end, this may not be one that I search out to rent or watch again, but it was an entertaining entry in the saturated serial killer/FBI genre. If you like that type of movie, check it out. If not, there is nothing new in here to make it memorable.