Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dead Girls (2014)

After spending yesterday with my mind wrapped up in the genius of Tusk (#WalrusYes), I took a break from movies and just relaxed. Tonight was a different day, and it was time to get back into some horror. My next flick on the docket is the 2014 no-budget entry Dead Girls.

Plot/ This anthology features three stories of abused and forsaken girls who return from the dead to take their revenge.

Horror anthologies are often hit or miss. For some reason, the material between the segments often drifts and there is a lack of characterization developed inside and that can often kill specific fragments. While this low budget entry from Brain Damage Films may not be perfect, it does feature some creative moments and there are some entertaining parts that capture reality in a perfect way. Unfortunately, it does suffer from some of the same issues that plague no-budget cinema with uneven performances, some clich├ęd moments, and some stagnate areas with the scripting that does not help story development in any way. In the end, this movie is better than many of the anthologies I have seen even on a smaller budget. Is it perfect, absolutely not, and it is not for everyone, but it was at least entertaining in spots and came across better than most of the low budget flicks that have come out in the past few months! 

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