Saturday, March 5, 2016

House of Afflictions (2014)

After last night, I hoped to find something a little more interesting when walking through the video store. While there, I decided to take a chance on the 2014 low budget film House of Afflictions.

Plot/ Kate Beckley was once a best selling crime author, but it's been years since her last novel following the disappearance of her daughter, Julia. While attempting to write again in a new home, Kate finds herself haunted by strange visions and paranormal occurrences - which become worse each night. Has Julia returned, or is something more sinister preying on this grieving mother.

This was definitely a movie that I came into with no expectations after picking it us as an impulse rental at Family Video. While it was not perfect by any means, it was definitely a solid low budget entry into the supernatural horror genre. There were some positives with an interesting story, believable settings that tool me back to my youth, and some solid performances. However, with uneven audio quality and sporadic cinematography the low budget elements were clearly visible. In the end, I found this one somewhat entertaining with a decent atmosphere. Yes, it will not appeal to everyone, but that is usually the case with low budget cinema.  

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