Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yeti (2008)

As a person that truly believes that creatures like Bigfoot roam the planet searching for food; I was actually a bit excited when I saw that the Sci Fi channel was playing their original film Yeti (2008) last night (pictures with the Yeti is at the bottom of this blog). While I know that these made for TV movies are usually beyond terrible, occasionally, there is at least something entertaining in them.

Plot/ After their plane crashes into uncharted territory in the snowy Himalayan Mountains, the surviving members of a college football team set out to find help in a freezing cold blizzard. As days pass with no rescue in sight, food and morale run low for the survivors. The team eventually comes face to face with the Yeti, who begins to pick off the survivors one by one. In the meantime, two mountain rangers begin to scale the mountain to locate the survivors after receiving their distress signal.

As expected this movie was far from perfect, and may be one of the worst Snowbeast-type films I have seen. However, it is far from the worst Sci-fi original from their maneater series. In fact, some of the elements were enjoyable, the acting was respectable and at times it was rather graphic with dismemberments abound. That is about where the good parts end. As usual, the CGI is terrible and some of the effects are terrible (the rabbit that becomes a chicken when cooked. But, worst of all, they made the Yeti into some sort of super leaping monster that looked more like an overgrown tanned albinoesque Chaka, I almost thought Will and Holly would pop from the cave looking for their furry friend.

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  1. I admit that I've waited my entire life for a good BF or Yeti movie. "Snowbeast" and "Creature From Black Lake" probably came closest and that's not saying a lot. I still, like an Alzheimer's patient, keep going back and watching SyFy channel BF and Yeti movies as if I never knew in the first place they can't do them. But, I do expect them to be so bad they're good and it's true! This Yeti movie was so awful it was hilariously funny, especially when she wakes up in the cave with Yeti and has to sneak out. Hee hee. Could have been a college kegger party. It was just miserable and they really shouldn't have shown him full-on so much when the costume was so cheesy. Oh well, I still can't pass up any attempt at these movies...