Saturday, April 11, 2015

Muck (2015)

Metropolis was an awesome movie, and in many ways, I am still fascinated by how well the restoration of the print translated. However, one can only live inside the mind of a silent film for so much time. Getting back to the modern horror entries, I decided to dive into a slasher for the next review. A clear throwback to the 1980s, 2015s Muck.

Plot/ After narrowly escaping an ancient burial ground, a group of friends find themselves trapped between two evils, forcing them to fight, die, or go back the way they came.

This is an interesting flick that transported me back to my teen years and the direct to VHS no-budget horror of the 1980s. In fact, in many ways, that is exactly what this movie is, a no-budget kickstarter funded throwback slasher, and because of that, many will be unable to understand the draw to the film. While the film is nowhere near a masterpiece, it fits into the genre featuring all of the elements that made me want to run to the video stores in the 1980s. There are random murders, nonsense dialog, uneven cinematography, boobs, cardboard characters that make terrible decisions, unreal killers, and did I say boobs? Honestly, this one will in no way be mistaken for a masterpiece, but it could have easily been a cult classic had it been released during the era of big boxed VHS slashers. In the end, this movie will not appeal to the modern horror fan that thinks that the slasher craze started with Scream. However, if you are a child of the 1980s and remember some of the schlock filled slashers that made that decade great, you should enjoy this as much as I did. Not for everyone, but it does have some entertaining moments and will be enjoyed by some audiences.

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