Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Devils's Rain (1975)

After taking a slight break from movies and the blog for a couple days, I decided that it was time to fins something mindless to watch. After searching Shudder, I settled on the 1975 cult flick The Devil’s Rain.

Plot/ A bunch of Satanists in the American rural landscape have terrible powers which enable them to melt their victims. However one of the children of an earlier victim vows to destroy them.

The 1970s were such a different time, especially in movies. One of the biggest movements was the fear of Devil worship that overtook every part of culture from movies, to music, and even gaming. This movie clearly falls into the heart of that movement. Complete with a tremendous cast featuring Ernest Borgnine, Tom Skerritt, Eddie Albert, Ida Lupino, William Shatner, Keenan Wynn, and, even John Travolta. The storyline is interesting although some of it is incoherent (especially the opening sequence), and while the schlock-filled effects do not hold up in any way, watching all of the bodies melt is a fun (and surprising) twist I did not expect. Of course, watching Ernest Borgnine transform to a goat was complete cheese and while interesting, the storyline was a mess, but those flaws only add to the schlock factor. In the end, this is not a technically good movie and there are many flaws, but it is fun. If you are into 1970s B-Movie cheese, give it a shot. It is entertaining and fun.

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