Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Ghost of Mary

For generations, one specter of the unknown has haunted suburban Chicago, a beautiful women interacting with the unknowing. Who is this beauty, who is Resurrection Mary?

In this installment of the legendary tale, director Sean Michael Beyer creates a different atmosphere, taking viewers on a refreshing journey into the unexplained. In this film, he does a great job focusing on and developing the characters involved in the interesting story, vice falling prey to the typical blood and guts of the modern horror genre. While the story is based on the urban legend, it has a fascinating plot that takes the viewer inside the mystery and leads the characters through an array of murders and intrigue without making it a gorefest.

The film focuses on the relationship between Jeff Pryce (Kevin G. Schmidt) and the beautiful and mysterious Mary (Pamela Noble), who he meets during a fateful drive down Archer Avenue. That night, his life changed forever. Brutal murders, police interrogations and finally the discovery of the truth behind his new love take Jeff on an unforgettable journey into the unknown leading to an unexpected and shocking ending.

Between the remarkable storyline, the genuine character development, and tremendous performances, this movie is worth watching. It succeeds in crossing genres while staying true to the urban legend that has haunted Chicagoland for generations. Just remember, if you ever encounter a stunning woman wondering alone on Archer Road, you may want to think twice before picking her up. You may find more than love.

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