Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sacred Flesh (2000)

After spending yesterday dissecting the kitchen, I decided to take a break today and relax with some Netflix. I have been spending time engrossed in the original Kolchak: The Night Stalker, I decided to venture into something else. My choice for the morning was some nunsploitation in 2000s Sacred Flesh.

Plot/ A number of people who have devoted their lives to God find themselves undone by desires of the flesh in this unusual erotic drama. The abbess of a convent invites the leader of a group of monks to visit her and offer needed advice. A wave of sexual temptation has begun to flood the convent, with the Mother Superior aving bizarre sexual fantasies about Mary Magdalene, and many of the other nuns suddenly attracted to each other.

This was an interesting flick and one that helped pass 73 minutes with ease. Now, I am not saying this was a good flick by any means, and honestly, if you are not a huge fan of nunsploitation, you should not even give this one a second glance. This semi-porn plays on the look of the nuns and the erotic moments they create and nothing else. The plot is incoherent; the script ridiculous, there is little to no atmosphere and the timeframe does not match the storyline.  In fact, other than some appealing sex scenes and a large amount of nude nuns, there is really nothing here. In the end, this piece is for fans of nunsploitation, if you do not know what that is, just stay far away.

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