Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You Can Help Save the Bigfoot Discovery Museum

On a day when I was reminiscing of my days in the field as a researcher, and possibly preparing to get back at it, a small nugget appeared on my timeline on twitter (@ScarletCircus). The famed Bigfoot Discovery Museum in California is facing a grave period and may be forced to close. In fact, if a little over four thousand dollars are not raised by June 29, this landmark may not just close; it may see all of its assets auctioned off.

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the museum and have to say it is not only an entertaining place to visit, but it is also one of the more educational locations I have seen focused on this mysterious cryptid. In meeting with proprietor Mike Rugg, you find a man dedicated to discovering the origins of Bigfoot and person who has risked everything in this endeavor, all the while never asking for anything in return, not even an admission fee. 

While this is admirable, it is definitely hard to maintain facilities to house one of (if not the best) Bigfoot related collections known. Not to mention, the vast amount f knowledge that he freely hands out.  Now you can help save this collective of knowledge by visiting (if you are nearby), donating or browsing through his web-store, which can be found on his website.  Even if donating is not in your cards, swing by the website and view some of detailed content available, such as the Discovery Project Newsletter or the links to the YouTube page that has a lot of solid Bigfoot related commentary. 

Much like the Save the Chapel initiative dedicated to saving a piece of Horror History, this is worthwhile cause that can help save a tremendous resource in the Bigfoot research community. For further details, visit,, for all of the latest happenings.

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