Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flash Gordon (1980)

While preparing to go out and cut the grass today, I decided to search my onDemand channels and see what was available. That’s when I saw something that jumped out as the perfect motivational avenue. Yes, it is cheesy and yes, it is a schlockfest, but that is what made it great. Plus, it is a definite break from the cannibalism that is taking over the world. The flick, from 1980, the comic book classic, Flash Gordon.

Plot/ A football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyrant, Ming the Merciless, to save Earth.

I remember watching this in the drive-in when it came out, at eight-years old it was an awesome flick. Today, when I re-watched it for the first time since then, it was just as awesome (but, for many different reasons). This has to be one of the cheesiest and most visually interesting flicks out there. Now, do not take this the wrong way, this one if bad on many levels.  The acting is mostly horrid (except for Max Von Sydow who is amazing as Ming), the dialogue ranges from bad to worse, the characters seem stiff, and the script and special effects are laughable. However, it is all exactly how I would imagine a comic strip coming to life and more, with incredible visuals, insane costuming and amazing sets (not to mention one of the most memorable soundtracks ever recorded by Queen). In the end, this one is technically one of the worst flicks ever, but it is also one of the most campy, entertaining and visually stunning schlockfests out there and must be seen at least once. If you have not watched it check it out.

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