Thursday, June 14, 2012

Unexpected Paranormal Guests

Over time, a haunting can loose its power, almost dwindling away to nothing. However, a haunting will sometimes be recharged, especially in areas that possess a high amount of energy. While recharging a haunting is an inexact science, these following factors seem to provide a link. The factors are renovations, aura similarities, electrical fields or medium contact.

As ghost hunters, we would like nothing more than to experience the full force of a haunting, complete with full bodied apparitions, detailed sightings and viable evidence. However, recharging a haunting can also bring forth some unwanted side effects, one being demonic entities and potential possession.
Aura similarities usually take place when the spirit inside the location and a person in the house share a similar being and aura. When this happens that spirit may absorb energy from the person, providing a means of growing stronger. This can happen at any time, with any object. Remember that a spirit does not always attach itself to a location; it can attach itself to an item as well. Surely, everyone has seen haunted items on Ebay, don't laugh, some of these may be real.
Large electrical fields provide a great breeding ground for the paranormal. It is a known fact that paranormal activity is higher around electrical fields. The elevated energy field provides a great power source for spirit activity and a calling card for other unexplained activity including UFO sightings.
Medium contact is one of the most documented ways to interact and recharge a spirit. This contact can be made during a séance or by using an Ouija Board. Unfortunately, using these tools to contact the dead has been known to create many unexpected results and open doorways that are often more powerful then originally hoped for.
These dominant and unwanted demonic entities often find their way into this realm after being invited during what was conceived as a harmless act, usually by people dabbling into some form of divination they are unfamiliar with. Playing with Ouija Boards, automatic writing or other necromantic practices are usually the common tools used to open these vortexes, with Ouija Boards and automatic writing being the most familiar. Please note: You will never know exactly what you are contacting when you use these tools. It is quite possible that you could open a doorway that allows a malevolent spirit into this world instead of your original target. Always use caution!
I am sure that everyone reading this has heard of the Ouija Board, the Parker Brothers game that has caused uproar almost from the day it hit the shelves. From the French and German words for "yes," oui and ja, this game has brought divination into the mainstream. While some call it good-willed fun, others consider it work of the devil himself.
Precursors to the Ouija Board have been around for centuries, used by ancient oracles to communicate with the dead. Some form of these legends are sprinkled throughout history in many different and diverse cultures from China-to-Greece-to even-Native Americans, where they used these practices to find missing items or to obtain information from the unseen world.
Originally developing a huge following during (and after) World War I, when many citizens were caught up in attempting to contact their lost beloved's, the game found a second life in the 1960's and 70's as society started to readily accept occult and supernatural practices. Movies such as The Exorcist and Witchboard also provided a boost to the potential dark side of their being, while casting an even more unfavorable light onto them in religious circles. Even today, Ouija Boards are still at the heart of many debates and their uses, helpful and harmful, continue to be a hot topic amongst ghost hunters.

One of the lesser known ways of divination that has a potentially dangerous after affect is automatic writing. Automatic writing is the use of the subconscious mind and spirit world to produce messages from the other side. If used properly, this can be a great tool. Many best-selling writers actually claim that they use this when working on novels, letting their mind take them to a higher level of being. Unfortunately, it also has a dark side. The use of automatic writing can also act as a homing beacon for evil, if it is used improperly.
In the case of both the Ouija Board and automatic writing, when a demon is conjured using these means of contact, it usually extremely difficult to vanquish. As a ghost hunter, you should never attempt to work on an investigation if you even suspect a demonic entity is present. Always contact a demonologist, a priest or someone specifically familiar with dealing with this type of phenomena; their experience will be a valuable asset during the entire ordeal.

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