Creep (2004)

Last night, I decided to get back into some horror movie enjoyment by hanging out on Netflix. After some time and debate, I decided on the British horror flick Creep from 2004.

Plot/ Trapped in a London subway station, a woman is being pursued by a potential attacker as she heads into the unknown labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city's streets.

When I saw this on Netflix, I could not put a finger on why I was not truly excited about watching this one. Now that I have seen Creep, I can understand my lack of excitement. This movie is not creepy at all; in fact other than the isolationism fear it creates, it lacks a gripping atmosphere. This linear, cliché driven storyline is decent and does feature a touch of violence. However, there is not much more to offer. The acting and script are only OK, and the ending does nothing. Really, there is nothing that makes this film stand-out in the crowded horror genre.


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