The Possession of David O'Reilly (2010)

 After taking a couple of days off, I decided to jump back into the swing of things with another low budget, independent flick. This time I decided on The Possession of David O'Reilly (AKA The Torment) from 2010.

Plot/ Based on actual events, this is a terrifying supernatural shockumentary about a demonic presence in a young couple's home in London.

This low budget flick definitely has its moments. Yes, the plot seems sporadic and incoherent at times, really causing some head scratching moments and some of the cinematographic elements seemed a bit amateurish, but there were also a lot of good things about the film as well. The soundtrack is extremely eerie and definitely adds some depth to the creepy atmosphere, the acting is solid and there is a ton of potential. Unfortunately, that potential is offset by some choppy pacing, poor characterization and a frustrating ending that leaves a blah taste. Sure, I enjoyed it (yes, even the incoherent plot)  but I doubt I watch it again.


  1. Hmmm....
    So...should I check it out?

  2. Maybe once... It has some similarities to Paranormal Activity. It honestly was not too bad.

  3. Definitely head scratching moments in this one!! HA HA! I agree on that!


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