Friday, July 1, 2011

The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956)

After scratching my head through The Possession of David O'Reilly (AKA The Torment) from 2010, I decided to truly change things up last night (and possibly all week as I prepare for Blobfest) with the 1956 B Movie gem The Beast of Hollow Mountain.

Plot/ An American cowboy living in Mexico discovers his cattle are being eaten by a giant prehistoric dinosaur.

One thing I love about the era of the classic B-Movie is the originality. Sure, some of the acting and effects are not the greatest, but the creativity definitely adds to the charm of the campy fun. This flick is no exception to that rule. When you mix together these classic elements (a western, a cowboy and a dinosaur) and add some decent acting, you can create a entertaining little movie. Yes, there are some flaws and some of the effects are truly out dated, but this movie had an interesting and detailed storyline, some good acting and enough comic moments to keep things flowing. Even the dinosaur is pretty good (especially love the tongue), and once he showed up all Hell broke loose. In the end, this flick is pure campy entertainment that is a joy to watch. Sure, it is not for everyone, but if you like the B-Movie and Drive-In feel, this one is for you!  

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