Captivity (2007)

While sitting back and looking for something to watch, I couldn’t find anything that I was truly in the mood for. Finally I sat down to Captivity from 2007.

Plot/ A man and a woman awaken to find themselves captured in a cellar. As their kidnapper drives them psychologically mad, the truth about their horrific abduction is revealed.

I was on the fence before watching this, really not sure on what to expect. What I found was a decent flick. Sure, it was rather cliché, but, it had a good feel throughout. Yes, there were flaws, yes, the editing was subpar, the plot had holes and the acting offered very little excitement. However, there was at least enough atmosphere and style to keep the film moving. Yes, this movie is far from perfect, but it is interesting and worth watching at least once.


  1. I watched this film some years ago, it was actually not that bad, it had some very creepy scenes, but nothing really original.


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