Friday, February 10, 2012

Super Shark (2011)

If you are avid reader of my blog, than you have read that, my daughter Jillian loves animal attack flicks, especially ones that have sharks in them. Fortunately for us, the SyFy Channel, The Asylum and other production companies have gone overboard recently with a plethora of shark attack flicks for us to choose from. Unfortunately, many of those feature hideous CGI and laughable to terrible storylines for our viewing pleasure. I guess it could be worse; she could be a Twilight fan. With another request for a shark movie pending, we decided to sit-down and watch 2011s, Super Shark.

Plot/ An offshore drilling accident triggers the release of a giant prehistoric shark. When marine biologist Kat Carmichael arrives, she runs up against corporate front man Roger Wade, who plots with Stewart to disrupt her investigation.

Yet another cheesy SyFy Channel low-budget shark attack flick is just what I needed, and to top it off, this one may be the worst of the bunch so far. The storyline is becoming all too cliché, for the genre, which adds even more insult to the ridiculousness.  In fact, this one is so ridiculous, it is hard to expound on just how bad it is. If there was redeeming factor, it was that I could not stop laughing at the stupidity on the screen. The acting was uneven, the action so-so, the CGI over-the-top and terrible, really this was just a mess (although watching a tank dropkick the shark on the beach was hilarious). Honestly, this played like a bad comedy more than any type of Sci-Fi, Action, or Horror movie. If that was the case about this flick then it was a success, then the director succeeded, because there was no gore, no nudity and none of it made sense in the slightest (a shark that walks and flies, really?).  In the end, this one is just bad. If you like this type of creature feature and would love a good laugh, check it out, if not, stay away! It definitely is not Dyn-O-Mite!

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