Saturday, February 25, 2012

Psychosis (2010)

When I went to the local Family Video to pick up some stuff last night, I grabbed some lower budget horror as well as some darker stuff for the girls. OK, maybe Scooby Doo and the Lake Monster is not dark or totally for the daughters, but hey, who can pass up Scooby Doo? I know I am a sucker for Scooby. The first movie I decided to watch (after Scooby) was 2010s British horror entry Psychosis.

Plot/ In 1992 a group of young Anarchists braved the snow covered wilderness to set up camp against the construction of a motorway by-pass. A terrible fate awaited them. 15 years later Susan, a successful horror novelist and sensitive soul relocates from her native California to the rural English countryside in search of peace. It is here that Susan's living nightmare unfolds.

When I started watching this flick, I had no idea it was actually a remake of the 1986 anthology film Screamtime (the second segment Dreamhouse), but I got the feeling that I had seen it before. Sure, that could have been from the linear clich├ęd storyline, stale dialogue, uneven pacing or rigid performances, but there was definitely something familiar. Yes, the ending was a bit of a twist I was not quite expecting, but that was not enough to make this one stick out in my mind as memorable. To be honest, I have seen worse and I did not fall asleep, so it was not all bad. However, there is no way I could recommend this for anything more than background noise when working (if you are like me an enjoy working to the sounds of horror).

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