Thursday, February 9, 2012

Porkchop (2010)

Growing up during the 1970s and 1980s, the no budget to low budget slasher flick was a staple in my youth. I remember stopping at the video store every afternoon on my way home to see if there were any new movie posters or strange videos had arrived. Now that I have grown-up, I still love watching those when I get the chance and when I can find a modern no budget indie flick (especially ones filmed in somewhat local areas like Charleston, WV) that pays homage to those days; I love it even more. Fortunately, it seems like flicks like that are becoming common again, first with Shriek of the Sasquatch last weekend and now I find, 2010s Porkchop.

Plot/ The story of a group of young campers headed off into the wilderness for a weekend of partying at an abandoned summer camp only to discover they are not alone and the camp's inhabitant, a deranged redneck with a pig mask, is not pleased with their presence.

Let me start by saying that many will watch this movie, destroy it for every flaw, and not quite understand the genius of what it is. This is a throwback to the 1980s and the low budget to no-budget campy slasher flicks that defined the big box VHS era. True fans will know exactly what I am talking about, when Wizard Video, Gorgon and Paragon ruled the video store shelves. Technically, this flick has many flaws; poor scripting, choppy footage, uneven acting, and bad pacing, they are all there (which in a typical film review would be total detractors). However, this movie is a blast and they did a great job at presenting an authentic feel for the 1980s camp slasher (down to the stranger throwing out a foreboding warning). Sure, there could have been more gore (and boobs), but that is because the effects were actually good in the death scenes (robot sex, really?) and I wanted to see more (just like my teen years).  In the end, if you like 1980s period no-budget slasher entertainment, you will love this one. Yes, this may be a train wreck of a flick, but it is one entertaining train wreck!

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