Sunday, February 5, 2012

Necromentia (2009)

As a Steelers fan, I tried to watch end enjoy the Super Bowl, I just could not do it. It honestly felt like I was taking a trip into Hell, just miserable. With that feeling already permeating my mind, I decided to take a trip into the depths as well with my movie selection for the evening. I mean, how could I go wrong with a flick that says it is a trip into Hell complete with blood, guts, murder, necrophilia, and an OUIJA Board? Got me there… The movie I chose instead of the Super Bowl is Necromentia from 2009.

Plot/ A off-world look at the superstitious repercussions of tattooing an Ouija Board on your body. Hagen, who has a dead wife believes that he can revive her from the dead. Travis, a man who lost his brother and wants to join him in the after life. Morbius, a bartender who is betrayed by those he loves comes back from the dead to take revenge. And a strange man only known as Mr. Skinny protects the secrets of the Ouija Board and how the stories weave and affect each other.

As a horror fan, I already know that being drawn in by the writings on a DVD cover can be dangerous, but when I saw the words Hellraiser Meets Saw, count me as one that had his interests perked. What I found when I sat down was something I never expected, something dark and melodic with a similar feel to the Clive Barker masterpiece it was compared to. This anthology-based flick is definitely all horror, complete with solid effects, decent acting, disturbing surreal imagery and an in-depth plot that really makes one think (plus some great torturous and bloody images). Yes, there are flaws like the abrupt ending that leaves you somewhat unsatisfied, some cliché characterization and uneven pacing. However, those are easily overlooked within this semi-original trip into the depths of this netherworld revisionist Hell.  In the end, this is a great movie for fans of deep and dark horror, yes it has enough gore for gorehounds, but it is the disturbing story that takes the starring role, not just the blood and guts. Check this one out!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, weird as it is. Very Hellraiser-ish feel to it. Great review, cheers!