Friday, February 3, 2012

Circle (2010)

Last night I decided to kick back and see what was available on one of the many movie channels I have on my cable system. Unfortunately, there was not much that I have not already seen or reviewed already. The flick I chose may not have been the greatest for my evening entertainment, the 2010 thriller Circle.

Plot/ The FBI and US Marshals pursue an escaped serial killer who is headed to his childhood home.

This basic tale on the typical glorified psychopath comes across in an uninspired way. Full of cliché, there was really nothing new at all. Yes, the basic premise did seem interesting with the numerology and Greek references, unfortunately, most of that was left undeveloped. There were a couple of good moments, but most is very predictable. The acting is so-so, storyline choppy and the ending is telegraphed a mile a way.   When you couple that with zero gore and almost no character development, you guessed it; you have a snoozer on your hands. In the end, there is no way I could recommend this for anything more than a time-filler if no other options are available. In addition, I definitely would not waste money on it if that were the case.

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