Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PlayHouse (2003)

I am a sucker for low-budget or no-budget horror, especially when they are filmed in the local area (Pittsburgh). Having watched the low-budget snoozer yesterday, I was actually cringing a little at the thought of watching the next flick I have sitting here. Fortunately, I sucked it up and decided to watch PlayHouse (2003).

Plot/ After years hiding in the shadows, the ancient ghosts of an old Pittsburgh theater make their presence known once again. When theater employees and students start dropping like flies # and in gruesome fashion - a bumbling detective and two incompetent local cops start a hilariously spooky and disgusting search for the truth. Five students may have what it takes to find the answer... but will they survive the search? Will they be terrified? Will girls run around in their underwear?... Yes. Discover the secrets of the PlayHouse.

Wow, nothing like two no-budget Indie flicks in a row for me (at least this one is based near home in Pittsburgh)… However, while this flick comes across as a no-budget entry, there is definite some potential here inside Hunter F. Roberts one-man show. Yes, the sound ranges from good to poor, the storyline is all over the place, the sets are below average and there are some hiccups in the technical arena, but somehow, there is something entertaining and somewhat original inside.  Once this black comedy starts rolling, it feels like a tribute to some of the great semi-comedy horror classics to the past (complete with the characters, blood and guts).  One thing biggest surprises, besides the large amount of very good effects featuring blood, an allotment of bodies and limbs and puke, was the acting, which was actually decent in most cases (the costuming – Not so much).  While this flick is not for everyone, fans of no-budget horror should enjoy it (and get some laughs). If you do not like that type of faire, stay away.

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