Friday, February 17, 2012

Slashers Gone Wild! (2006)

Funny how weeks work, yesterday, I was exhausted as I was still recovering from the Hackensaw Boys, who put on a tremendous show at The Rex on Wednesday. I know that I wrote on here. Hell, I could barely remember that I did so. Tonight, after a small nap, I feel much better. I hope that feeling carries over into tomorrow, as my birthday finally arrives. With the birthday in the air, I decided to continue with the more comedic material I have watched recently with Slashers Gone Wild! from 2006.

Plot/ In search of a headline that will make her a household name, a reporter uncovers a forbidden world of decadent madness and murder. She uncovers a horrific website where dark twisted souls upload footage of their crimes. These demented monsters are competing for their spot as SLASHER OF THE YEAR. Will she be able to withstand the gut-wrenching horror as countless lives are vanquished before her eyes? Will the slashers be relentlessly slaughtered by the demonic Kevin Tooler and his undead army of ghouls? Who will survive and live to tell?

Cheesy B horror movies can be a mixed bag from good to horrible. Fortunately, there are times where these low budget entries can be more than just cinema fodder, they can at least be entertaining schlock. That was the case with this one. Yes, technically (and functionally) it is bad. The acting ranges from so-so to poor, the effects were laughable and the plot was exaggerated. However, that is just fine with this one, as the comic elements were hilarious, the gore was aplenty (even if the effects were low-grade) and as over-the-top as it was, the entirety of the mess worked well together. In the end, this will not win an academy award or even be confused with a good movie, but if you like horror / comedy with outrageous (but cheap) gore, you may enjoy this one.

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