Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bio-Dead (2009)

After watching Psychosis last night, I decided to change things up and watch something with a more post apocalyptic feel in honor of reaching the 300-day mark on the apocalypse countdown. While I have no doubts that we will all be here on December 22, the idea does make for some good fun (as well as an excuse to start hitting the bucket list). Fortunately, there is a lot of material out there to help quench my end of the world cravings; this one is the 2009 Sci-Fi /Horror entry Bio-Dead.

Plot/ After a biological disaster wipes out millions, a rescue team finds themselves under attack from something even more deadly than they ever imagined - zombies in need of human flesh.

This low budget Sci-Fi / Horror flick has a lot of unfulfilled potential. Once you get through the initial stages (half-hour or so), the film (for the most part) features surprising cinematography, decent scenery and a sound post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Unfortunately, some of the overall feel and entertainment value is lost in the finely manicured sets (the locations looks cleaner than my man cave), uneven script and flawed lighting. In the end, it did boast some good moments, had some originality and was somewhat entertaining. While I will not recommend this for everyone, if you are fan of post apocalyptic movies, you may find this one interesting.  

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