Tuesday, February 28, 2012

VLOG (2009)

It is finally time to finish the last flick from my trip to Family Video last weekend. Of all the movies I picked up, this one actually seemed based in reality more than the others did. In these days of assaults and murders prompted and searched for online, this definitely seems right for the times. Being from the creators of SAW was just a bonus. The flick is VLOG from 2009.

Plot/ From the producers of SAW, VLOG is a groundbreaking extreme-horror film about a real-life webcam girl whose online murder is not what it seems.

When I saw this one at the video store, I was excited. The premise seemed interesting, and with all of the craziness that takes place online between blogs, vlogs and sites like craigslist, this seemed right up that alley. While it was all that, it was quite anticlimactic as well. Yes, there was a touch of realism, some awesome gore (but not enough) and the ending was a decent twist, there was just not enough. Unfortunately, the pacing was a bit slow, there was not enough death, the storyline was uneven and the performances were bland. Honestly, if they could have built upon the scenes of gore (the exploding bong was definitely worth a double-take), this could have been an awesome flick. Instead, it was an average horror film and nothing special. You can check it out if you want to, but do not hold out high hopes.

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