Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blood Oath (2007)

Now that we have been in Pennsylvania for roughly four months, I have really started to miss the Troma onDemand station on our Comcast cable system. I love schlock, low budget and independent flicks and Troma has delivered some awesomely entertaining ones over the years. Unfortunately, now my only chance to catch some are on Netflix, pick them up at a convention or maybe at Family Video, vice in my living room on a regular basis. I wish Atlantic Broadband got a Troma Channel, but Hell, I doubt that happens anytime soon. To my amazement Friday when I was at the video store, I saw those magical words “Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz Present a Troma Team Release,” the film Blood Oath from 2007.

Plot/ A group of friends on a weekend camping trip decide to investigate a local urban legend. The trip will change their lives as they are forced into a fight for survival against a horrific monster.

For me, I love films from Troma and there is no better example of low budget schlock out there. Yes, they will never win an Academy Award, but that is not their intent. Whenever you watch one, you should already know that technically they may be flawed and the storylines are ridiculous (but, usually feature blood and boobs).  Although this movie started promising, it is no different, heaping the ridiculousness with cliché after cliché, crating something laughable albeit maybe too over-the-top (even for Troma).  Really, some of this is beyond terrible, the cinematography varied from contrived to bad, the effects absurd (wow, floppy cocks), and the script horrid (some of the worst dialogue ever). Honestly, it pains me to say that even for me and my love of No Budget Indie Flicks, Troma and bad B Movies, it was hard to watch (even the twist ending). In the end, unless you are running a midnight horror show and need a modern twist on a 1980s slasher / comedy, stay far away from this one, it is THAT BAD!

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