Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hidden (2011)

After watching the lovably Flash Gordon, it was time to venture back to Family Video for a few flicks to keep my weekend lively. I needed it, especially after suffering through another lost day at the lake without a bite. My first selection for the weekend was Hidden from 2011.

Plot/ Scientist Susan Carter is researching the rehabilitation of addicts using an experimental drug in her rehab center. After her death, her idle son Brian Carter is forced by his friend Simon to travel to the real state that he had inherited. Brian and Simon travel with five other friends to the spot and they find that the center is actually an ancient monastery and they have to spend the night.

I watched this one on DVD so I did not see the 3D in it, but can only imagine that the full glory of 3D would not have been able to save it either. This is a bad film with a very clichéd storyline, subpar acting, worse scripting and no gore. Yes, there was a glimmer of originality, but even that was overrun by the cliché. Sure, the flying insects may have looked cool in 3D, but in the end, I really cannot recommend this flick in any way. Stay far away!

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