Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hollywoodland (2006)

While I was resting my back, which I injured the other day, I decided to find something a touch different to keep me company. What I wanted was a nice mystery, or true crime entry, to possibly help my creative mind focus. After some searching, I stumbled upon the 2006 entry, Hollywoodland.

Plot/ Struggling private investigator Louis Simo is hired to investigate the death of George Reeves, televisions Superman.

Hollywoodland was an awesome interpretation of historic event that remains a mystery today. While true crime movies often suffer from characterization flaws, this one is different. Between the solid script, standout performances, and heavy atmosphere, this movie delivers where many in the genre fail. While not my favorite actor, Ben Affleck does a tremendous job bringing the Reeves to life. Yes, some of the flashbacks add some unneeded confusion and the pacing may be a touch slow in parts, but that does little to stop this one. In the end, this was an entertaining movie that dove deep into one of the biggest unsolved Hollywood mysteries. If you have not seen it and enjoy crime/mystery dramas, give it a shot.

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