Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cthulhu Surge, et libera nos,

Since this is National Poetry Writing Month and there was a mention of a cult today, I ask, is there any more famous literature cult than the mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu? Personally, I think not. While I may never reach a point of anywhere near the creative genius of Lovecraft, it is sometimes fun to try.

Cthulhu Surge, et libera nos,

The murky depths surround me
The sea of life poisoned by the uninitiated
Virtuous beliefs, now forbidden
The ancient temple crumbles
Darkness and despair abound
The cult leader rises in front of the mass
His followers prostrate to the false idol
Mocking the godliness of the Great Old One
Defiling ageless texts
Alas, the Necronomicon burns

The echoes stir the seas
Earthquakes touch the mountains; shake Innsmouth
Voices join the chorus of thunder
Lightning dances

Vocate ad Vetus Ones
ut resurgat
Da nobis absolutio
nos tibi cthulhu

R'lyeh calls, oh great and righteous one
Rise again and walk among us
The dying embers of life call to you
Your golden sanctuary tainted by the malefactors
I may not be as pious as thou art
My sins sentencing me to an eternity in exile
Yet, my faith in thy greatness never wavers
Protect me from the unrepentant
Free me from the despair
Cthulhu, I call to thee

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