Friday, April 17, 2015

Echoes (2014)

After watching The Babadook earlier in the week, it would be hard for the next movie to come close. While the next flick I chose definitely did not rise to that level, it was at least interesting and somewhat entertaining. What is it you may ask? The 2014 psychological thriller Echoes.

Plot/ Struggling with horrifying, sleep-paralysis induced visions, a young writer retreats with her boyfriend to an isolated desert house. As the visions intensify, she finds herself on the verge of losing her mind.

While I was not expecting much from this one when I picked it up, I was surprised at what I found once I got into it. More of a supernatural psychological thriller than horror movie, this one does have a lot to like. Overall, the acting is solid, the storyline is interesting, with good pacing, and cinematography. Unfortunately, the lead character is relatively flat, the dialog is uneven, and the ending felt extremely rushed, which pulled the rest of the flick down a notch. In the end, this was an interesting indie flick and one that had enough entertaining and atmospheric moments to keep it in the middle of the pack. If you like this genre, give it a shot.

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