Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hollows Grove (2014)

Winter Storm Jonas appears to have come and went with a bang, leaving behind roughly two feet of snow behind for us to deal with. Fortunately, it was not worse, and I was able to maneuver around town a couple times today. Now, it is time to curl up and spend the night watching some horror. First up for review tonight is the 2014 found footage flick, Hollows Grove.

Plot/ A young filmmaker documents his ghost-hunting, reality show friends as their routine investigation of an abandoned orphanage turns into a nightmare from which they can't escape.

What could be better than watching low budget horror featuring Lance Henrikson during a blizzard? OK, I can think of a bunch of things that could be better, but those are not readily available tonight as we recover from Winter Storm Jonas. Actually, Hollows Grove was not a bad consolation. While this found footage flick is not perfect with some uneven performances (Maybe even subpar performances) and predictable moments, there was a lot to like. This movie featured a solid storyline that was actually rather layered for the found footage genre, the atmosphere was rather creepy at times, and for a found footage flick it is actually somewhat entertaining. In the end, this is a decent example of how found footage could work. Is it perfect, no, but it is also one of the better low budget examples to come out in some time. I would not run out and buy it, but if you have some time on a winters afternoon, give it a shot.

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