Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Spirit in the Woods (2014)

Last night, I could not bring myself to a point to type up this review, I was so frustrated by the movie and the overwhelming amount of predictable and clich├ęd moments. What was that film? It was the 2014 no budget found footage flick Spirit in the Woods.

Plot/ The fate of five local college students who went missing in the infamous Spiritual Woods is finally unraveled as previously unreleased footage is made public for the first time. Long thought to be dead, the truth turns out to be much worse.

There are times where found footage can be used effectively and create something interesting. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true and the movies do not pan out even when they have a decent storyline. That was definitely the case with this film. While I do applaud any movie that grew out of a Kickstarter project, and I love no-budget horror, there are times when I just cannot relate or feel anything in a film, and for me, that happened with this film. In fact, I lost so much interest because of the lack of connection, that it did not create any type of reaction. The dialog was all over, the performances uneven at best, and much of it made very little sense (unless you can totally relate to wandering in the woods). Really, it just felt like a subpar version of the Blair Witch Project. In the end, even with my love of low budget and crowd-funded horror, I could not see anything that would make this worth watching again. Stay Away!

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