Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Other Side (2014)

Last night I decided to find something at Family Video that could help me pass some time. With the conspiracy driven prognosticators talking of a great apocalypse heading our way (asteroid, Clinton, Trump, ISIS), I figured that zombies would be a good way to pass some time. After walking through the store, I decided on the 2014 no-budget indie flick The Other Side.

Plot/ A man searches for his wife and protects his daughter during the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

When I read the premise of this one at Family Video, I had to pick it up. Sure, this came across as typical no-budget zombie entry, but for me, that is usually a positive as Hollywood has gone stale. While this will never be a blockbuster, it does have a dew interesting twists that I really enjoyed. This is especially impressive once you consider that the flick was an elongation of what was originally a short film. Because of the ultra small budget, the movie does suffer from the typical flaws that that plague this type of film with some rough areas such as sound quality and selection, uneven performances, abrupt editing, and some patchy dialog. I did enjoy the storyline and could see the potential was there to be something more with a larger budget. In the end, unless you are a fan of no-budget cinema, you will probably not enjoy this movie as much as I did. But, if you are a fan, this indie zombie flick is out there to help you pass some time.

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