Alien Arrival (2016)

Yesterday was much longer than I had expected, as Jolene’s softball friendly lasted a lot longer than I had expected and I was beaten down. I did find time to watch some television last night and I decided on the 2016 sci-fi entry Alien Arrival (AKA Arrowhead).

Plot/ A prisoner of war is offered a chance at freedom if he completes a dangerous rescue mission. His ship crash-lands on a desert moon, leaving him stranded. While struggling to survive, he discovers a deadly secret.

I was looking for something different when I picked this last night and that is exactly what this was. While it is nowhere near a perfect film, it does show that filmmakers can create something interesting no matter what the budget is. The cinematography and scenery were outstanding and the performances were solid especially considering the smaller budget used in this production. Yes, the scripting felt too detailed and there was may have been too much fluff written in, the pacing was uneven, and there were many inconsistencies littered throughout the movie that was extremely noticeable if you pay close attention to it. In the end, this was a solid debut entry and a movie that is much better than I expected when I selected it. Is it a perfect movie? No, not by any means; however, it is better than some of the films that show up on the sci-fi channel from time to time.


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