Released to the Masses - Salvation: A Templar's Quest for Redemption

With all of the excitement last week of finally seeing my first novel After the Static released, I missed talking about what is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. I love poetry, especially the epic verse contained in classics such as Inferno and Paradise Lost. This past April, as part of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo 2017), I challenged myself to create my own epic tale and accomplished it with my next release Salvation: A Templar’s Quest for Redemption.

While this in no way could ever measure up to those classics, it is an interesting journey back in time for one member of the Knights Templar in an attempt to save their order from persecution. Sure, this one is only 30 Canto’s long, but it is a fun journey into darkness and another addition into the world of The Ridge.

Here is a synopsis of the epic poem:

Are the end times near? That is a sentiment shared by many throughout the centuries. That is also a refrain that forced Pope Anacletus to send one of his devout Knights Templar on a quest to ancient Levant in search of Baal, Moloch, and the Scepter of Golden Light in an attempt to redeem his order in the eyes of a splintered and corrupt church. Does he succeed, did he find Salvation, or was he overwhelmed in the depths of Hell?

If interested in reading this or After the Static, they are both on Amazon. You can pick up a paperback of Salvation for $6.99 or download the eBook for only $.99.


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