Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Nun (2005)

This has been a week! Sickness overtook the house, forcing me to take my six year-old to her first concert (a horror show in its own right), followed quickly by my body being overtaken by the same virus that got some of the family. Feeling a bit better, I decided to take a cue from my Girls and Corpses Magazine that talked about nunsploityation flicks, with none of the recommended titles available, I chose the The Nun (La Monja).

Plot / A group of teenage girls are terrorized by Sister Ursula, a nun that believes she must rid the world of all sin. After Sister Ursula mysteriously disappears, the Catholic school is closed. Many years later, a ghostly nun terrorizes all of the grown up women. The daughter of one of the women sets out to find out what happened all those years ago.

This movie started very promising, building some intrigue and suspense. Unfortunately, that promise quickly turned into a combination of bad acting and cliché (I even had a Twilight Zone flashback at one point) that definitely ruined what could have been a decent flick. The plot, the acting, and the sound quality offset the production value and some decent special effects (especially with the water). The cinematography, eerie soundtrack and solid editing do offer some bright spots, but even that cannot save this. True, there is some gore, but not enough to warrant watching this film ever again. Some horror fans may like it, but I recommend staying away.


  1. Looks cool! I'll definitely check that out!

  2. A friend of mine bought this for me because she knows I love bad movies and this one looked pretty terrible. Turns out its a Yuzna movie and I was actually kinda surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It may have been the company I had or the liter of rum but still...I'd sit through it again.