Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Beach Girls and the Monster (1965)

After watching House of Long Shadows, it was a fun trip down “B” Movie lane with the 1965 beach creature themed Monster from the Surf (AKA The Beach Girls and the Monster).

Plot/ A young girl is killed at the beach in Malibu. Professor Otto Lindsay suspects that it is some form of mutated fish. However, his son Richard, who was a good friend of girl, thinks that it is a madman who has a grudge against Richard and his friends. Soon the list of victims grows to include one of Rich's surfing buddies, Rich's bitchy stepmother Vicky and his friend Mark who was crippled in an auto accident.

Really, there is not much to say about this “B” movie entry. Shot during an era when beach movies and creature features were all the rage, this part beach party flick, part whodunit, and part horror tried to pull it together all at once on a shoestring budget. I imagine that they got what they expected, a total laugher featuring a rubber suited monster and some groovy music. Yes, this is a bit fun, but really that is just because it is so bad that it is good fun. The pacing, acting, effects and script are all bad. However, at just over 60 minutes, it is better than some TV that the networks are pushing.

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