Child's Play (1988)

I finally did it, broke down and let the kids watch Child's Play. I swear, every time I put on Netflix, the whining and pleading began, one can only take so much. Honestly, I was about their age when I saw Friday the 13th in the theatre, and I am quite normal.

Plot Young Andy Barclay gets the doll he wanted. However, he did not know it was alive!

I remember when this came out in theatres, what a blast. At the time, it was different and definitely took a different route with a serial killer. The were some decent chills, although, they lost some of their mustard now that I have seen it a few time. The cinematography, direction and acting are all solid and there was just enough violence and gore to make it interesting. Wow, I haven’t even mentioned Chucky yet, what a great character he is! Is it a perfect movie? No way, but it is an extremely entertaining flick that is a must see for horror fans.


  1. I think he not scary but it would be scary if he was chasing me :)


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