Master of the World (1961)

As I searched for something to watch today in honor of the great Vincent Price, who would have turned 100 today, I wanted to watch something different. That is when I stumbled upon the Jules Verne inspired 1960s Steampunk enthused Master of the World.

Plot/ The world in the late 19th century: A scientist and his team are held as "guests" of Robur on his airship, that he want to use to ensure peace on earth. Peace with all, even if he has to bombard military targets all over the world. Can the scientist stop him?

This is a very underrated film, that actually gets very little mention when talking about Price. Richard Matheson’s fun adaptation of two Verne stories is tremendous and allows the actors to shine (especially Price, who is perfect as Robur). The cinematography, production values and set designs are wonderful and the soundtrack fits the mood, atmosphere and story perfectly. Yes, the special effects are not top notch (even for that era) and some of the costumes are laughable, but those do not impact the overall feel of this flick. As a fan of Price and the Steampunk Movement, this film truly hit the spot. Check it out if you are in the mood for an inventive Sci-Fi Adventure.


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