Thursday, March 22, 2012

Muckman (2009)

I am so excited that information is starting to come out about Blobfest 2012, there is no better event in the US. I mean, what could be better than remembering one of the best loc budget movies ever. In thinking about that, I decided to watch something right up that alley, in 2009s no-budget Creature Feature Muckman…

Plot/ Mickey O'Hara is a TV producer whose career was virtually destroyed when his attempt to discover the legendary backwoods demon, Muckman, was exposed as a pathetic fraud on live TV. Using his in with sexy trash TV personality Asia Buchanan as leverage, he persuades small time cable mogul Otto Van Sant to give him one last chance to redeem himself. The creature appears big as life, chaos ensues, there is blood and dismemberment, but all is not as it seems.

First off, if you did not get no-budget B-movie from the title, I guess you deserve what you got when watching this one. If you love these flicks as I do, this one is definitely for you. Yes, it has a few flaws as is typical with some uneven story development, pacing and honestly there was not enough of the Muckman, but honestly, this one was such a breath of fresh air inside a stagnant genre, I may have overlooked a bit. The script is funny, with a couple laugh aloud moments, the characters are fun, and the locations and effects (especially the real Muckman costuming) were definitely better than expected out of a reported $50 thousand budget. Director and co-writer Brett Piper is truly a genius in the no-budget indie arena and I cannot wait for his next entry. In the end, if you like this type of B-Move homage to the cheesy Creature Features of days gone by, then you should find this one as entertaining as I did. If you do not like those, please, stay away from it, instead of pretentiously slamming it in a review. Yes, it is not Oscar worthy, but it is a humorous trip into the woods with enough cheese and schlock to keep fans fulfilled.


  1. $50K budget! Hah! I wish!

    Oh, and I'm not the writer, I'm the co-writer along with prolific grunge filmmaker Mark Polonia.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I will update that info. Having some friends in the movie business, I imagined the $50k was a bit off, but that was on multiple sites so I briefly referenced it.