Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Legend of Bloody Jack (2007)

Sometimes you choose movies because they look interesting. Sometimes you choose them because their run time fits into your schedule and it looks like something that would help pass time. That was the case with this selection for late last night. That selection was The Legend of Bloody Jack from 2007.
Plot/ The legend of insane lumberjack comes to life when one of his descendants revive him.
Low-grade horror is always a challenge. Of course, as horror fans, we already know that and understand what we are about to see (especially where The Asylum is involved). This flick is much like many films in this vain. It has the typical cliché riddled storyline, the unbelievable acting, and low budget effects that become more laughable with every passing second. That being said, most of it was so overwhelming that somehow it became more comedy than slasher and had some small entertainment value. In the end, this is nowhere near a good movie and technically has many issues. Stay away from it unless you have run out of choices on Netflix.

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