Chariot (2013)

After a long weekend, it was nice to get back to work. Unfortunately, my knee started to hurt some before the end of the day. Hopefully, it lasts a little longer tomorrow as I have to pull the late night. Next up on the review docket is the 2013 thriller Chariot. 

Plot/ Seven strangers find themselves unwitting participants in a U.S. government evacuation program gone horribly wrong. 

This was a movie that really surprised me, especially considering the low budget used. While not perfect, the majority of the acting, the claustrophobic atmosphere and an interesting storyline kept me entertained throughout. I love the conspiracy theories being thrown about, it was definitely a high point. Sure, there are some pacing issues and some uneven moments, but those were expected with the low budget. In the end, this was an entertaining thriller that was a lot better than I expected going into it. Revolution is coming and it is not out of the realm of possibilities that a program like this could exist. Give it a shot, it was an interesting 90 minutes.


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