Sunday, March 9, 2014

Torture Chamber (2013)

This has been a great movie weekend, and it continues to get better as I catch up on the DVR. Did anyone see Hannibal? That was awesome! To continue my work here, I have an interesting selection up next; the often overlooked Torture Chamber from 2013. 

Plot/ 13-year-old Jimmy Morgan is possessed by an evil too powerful to be exorcised by any religion. After escaping from a mental institution, Jimmy is back with a vengeance – and an army of children who follow his every murderous desire. 

This was an interesting movie from the start and a film that pulled me in and kept me engaged throughout. This low budget entry is full of dark atmosphere, sound imagery, and enough surreal moments that should make any horror fan excited. Yes, the acting is uneven and some of the texture of the cinematography may not be for everyone, but that is to be expected in a low budget entry. In the end, this is one of the more visually captivating and surreal trips in to darkness I have seen in some time. Not for everyone, as this one can definitely strike a cord some do not want struck, it is an outstanding example of what original horror can be. Most horror fans should definitely check this one out, and embrace the darkness created inside this low budget gem. 

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