Gothic (1986)

Every once in a while, I enjoy venturing back into the 1980s to find a classic film I enjoyed during my teenage years. While many discount that decade, there was some great cinema created, especially in the horror genre. One of my favorites from that decade is my next selection; the 1986 entry Gothic. 

Plot/ This is the story of the night that Mary Shelley gave birth to the horror classic "Frankenstein." Disturbed drug induced games are played and ghost stories are told one rainy night at the mad Lord Byron's country estate. 

Ken Russell’s Gothic is one of my favorite movies from the 1980s. Atmospheric, dark, and intriguing, this interpretation of how the classic Frankenstein came to life is an interesting flick. The acting is solid, the script is entertaining and the storyline comes to life on the screen with its stunning imagery. Yes, it does have some incoherent moments, pacing issues and may be a bit complex in many areas, but those flaws are extremely minor. In the end, if you enjoy surreal horror that provides some food for thought, you must see this film. Not for everyone, this is an entertaining flick that offers a stimulating story as to how a horror icon was created. 


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