Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Devil's Hand (2014)

I am glad that I am feeling better. Yesterday, some type of stomach thing popped up and knocked me down. While I am not totally back to my normal self, I am at least able to function again. Hopefully, I am at the tail end of it. Next up for review is the 2014 flick The Devil’s Hand.

Plot/ When young girls start to go missing within a religious cult, older followers fear a long-told prophecy while the younger members suspect abusive elders are killing them off.

The Devil's Hand was a low budget entry that takes place within a world that many do not totally understand, which will lead to some uneven reviews. For me, this was an interesting movie that dove into the superstitious aspects of society that were prevalent in our infancy. Yes, this was based in a modern time, but those fears still exist in some places. While this one was not perfect, it does have some solid performances, an interesting premise, and a decent ending. Yes, the pacing was slow, and there was a disconnect with the type of movie being made. More of a Mystery/Thriller than Horror flick, this one goes back and forth and seems to lose its way. In the end, this was not a bad movie, but it was not great either. Sure, it was better than I expected with some entertaining moments, but it may not be for everyone.  

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