Tuesday, January 3, 2017

They Crawl (2001)

With the holidays over and everyone (including me) back at school, it was time to dive into some low budget horror. After some debate, I decided to break into the $5 bin at WalMart, with the nine-movie horror set featuring the 2001 low budget entry They Crawl.

Plot/ After a terrifying incident of man, a police detective needs to find a way to stop the creepy horde of roaches before it can kill more people.

I knew that it had been a while since I went down the no-budget indie horror trail, but I couldn’t resist when I saw a nine movie set at WalMart after the holiday that featured some interesting titles. In the case with the first entry, it is exactly what one would expect from a low budget insect infestation flick. What could go wrong with that? While the movie suffers from many of the flaws that plague this genre, there were a couple of interesting elements that made it at least tolerable. The storyline, although it does have some holes, is interesting and to be honest, it is a lot more violent than I would have expected from this budget. Yes, the plot has issues and is more confusing than it should have been, the ending is uneven at best, and the CGI was not good at all. In the end, this movie is far from good, but it is also nowhere near the worst film in the genre. If you are like me and love no-budget horror, it can at least help you pass some time.

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